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Customer Comments

"A dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant can see farther than just the giant by himself."

Robert Burton

"The website turned out great. There
were some good ideas tucked away
in there. I really liked the driving
directions to each show. Great
features, lots of content, easy
navigation, just what we wanted."

Lance Ayers
Band Manager & Musician

"You already had the project done
before the other guy even returned
my call! I appreciate having a local
number to call for general computer
help. You really are providing a
great service, at reasonable prices."

Dr. S. Salinger

"Our customers have been using
your software for over a year now.
Everything is running smoothly, and
we still get strong compliments!"

Sean Bell
W.K . Olson Architects

"This network is superb. Now our
office can share a DSL connection,
and it's even wireless! We are
now saving over $50 each month,
so the project will pay for itself
in less than a year. Well done."

Alan Walsh
Re/Max Realtor

"Thank you for the fantastic job you did in converting the Lotus Approach database into a Microsoft Access database. The new database perfectly reproduces the features of the old one, and has an exceptionally user-friendly interface. You did a terrific job customizing it to meet my future needs, by enabling it to import records from research assistants. I am amazed at the great price."

Graham Peck
St. Xavier University

"I have received such positive feedback on
the website, thanks again! This is exactly what
I was looking for. I couldn't believe you redid our
old site so quickly; and now host it for half of
what we were paying. I'm impressed with everything."

Sandy Susek
Kitchen and Bath Remodeler